Benches, Storage Racks, Bars

  • Lifetime welds
  • One year – parts
  • 90 days – upholstery

Grips, Cables & Pulleys

  • 90 days

Hex Dumbbell/Rubber Dumbbell & Plate/Bumper Plate

  • Two years

Ultrathane Dumbbells, Barbells, Plates

  • Five years

Attachments, Accessories, Rope, Plyo Box, Slam Balls, Wall Balls, Stability Balls, Medicine Balls, KettleBalls & Kettlebells, Fitness Mats

  • 90 days against manufacturing defects
Product Warranties are against manufacturing defects. Weight Plates and Dumbbells are not intended for use on concrete floors and therefor use will not be covered under warranty. Products should be cleaned with a clean, soft cloth moistened with water only. Marring of the product due to the use of any cleaners will not be covered under warranty. Warranties become invalid when items are not used correctly or items are damaged not under normal use. Warranty begins from the original purchase date for the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Warranty shall not apply to any part of the Products sold which is consumed by normal wear and tear and/or has been damaged due to negligent or inappropriate use, alteration, maintenance, storage, repair, operation, or handling by the buyer.
TAG Fitness will repair or replace any item that can be shown to have broken, under warranty, provided the customer returns it to us for our inspection. Any costs of removal or transportation shall be the responsibility of the buyer. Although TAG Fitness dumbbells are designed for years of heavy use and are the most durable dumbbells available, they are not designed to be dropped or otherwise abused. Repeated dropping or other abuse may result in bent handles and weakening of the dumbbell. This may pose a safety hazard. We strongly urge you to prevent you and/or your customers from dropping or otherwise abusing any dumbbells. Broken dumbbells that exhibit bent handles may be excluded from our warranty.
Cutting of pads while unboxing, grips tearing because of use w/jewelry are not a manufacturing defect.
Cardio Pump Bars should never be stood on end while plates are being loaded or off-loaded. Failure to keep the bar horizontal while loading plates may result in damage to the bar end as well as damage to exercise studio flooring. TAG Fitness will not be held liable for damage to bars or flooring due to improper use of the equipment.